Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more...

/whatislove is perhaps the most useful command in the KarpRebellion directory. It can be used at any time and any place (except for jail). Its power is limitless, as it holds the meaning to life, love, and happiness.

Its signals expand well beyond the recesses of the universe, and traverse the infinite voids in mere seconds. Its sheer power can only be expressed by those who have experienced its great wisdom.

Wars have been fought, battles waged, over the permissions of /whatislove. Good men have been sacrificed at altars in an attempt to grasp its meaning. In one incident, a group of people bled 9 articunos to death in an offering of souls.

Whoever commands the meaning of love is forever immortal. May whatever deity you believe in have mercy on our souls if this power should fall to the wrong hands.