How do I claim my area/house so no one can grief it?

It's not a strange question its a very common one, in this tutorial I'll teach you how to claim a area.

  1. Do /kit shovel. This command will give you a golden shovel
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    Right click on the ground to make a corner, you will see 5 diamond blocks that way you can see your choosen corner.
  3. Right click once more on a other spot to make your claim area. When you did this you will see a 8 Bricks and 4 Glowstone. This marks your claim, you can build safely in here without being worried about people griefing your house.
  4. If you don't want your claim anymore you can use /abandonclaim when you used it, it will delete your claim
    2016-01-18 22.06.11

Usefull thing to know about the claiming plugin

- Friend's and my claim

  1. How do I let my friend build in my claim?= /trust InGameName
  2. Can my friend come into my chests?= No, only when you give your friend access to. /containertrust if you want your friend to have access into your chests
  3. Don't you trust your friend anymore in your claim? Use /untrust
  4. You can also put your claim and your friends next to each other, but they can't overlap each other. You will see a redstone ore and nether rack marking his area.

- Stick, While you are holding a stick in your hand, right click it to see what your claiming area is. You will also see a text in your chat that says: That block has claimed by InGameName LenghtXwideness=Total claimed area

- Water and lava, You might have tried to place water somewhere but you noticed that it didn't work, how is that possible? it's only possible to place water or lava in your claim.